Privacy Policy:

At this stage HiIary Van Der Westhuizen is the sole owner and service provider at Journey Social Work Private Practice. This could change at any time. When making use of us as a service provider, we enter into an agreement and personal information is disclosed. 

Confidentiality and Personal information

Any information provided to Journey and its employees will remain private and confidential and will not be given to any third party without written permission from the client to release information. If however, there is substantial risk of self-harm or harming another person, I am obligated to act to prevent harm, and this may involve giving information to a third party. 

All client information remains the property of Journey and will be held at its operating location.

Online services/Teletherapy

Also note that conducting online sessions has its own risks and cannot always be guaranteed. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the protection of their personal information and passwords. For this reason we only use Zoom, Google meets and WhatsApp. When engaging, make use of a private space to avoid intrusions.

Each session will be limited to 40-60 minute sessions. Should additional time be required (pending availability), you will be charged according to the duration of the session. This must be paid immediately after the session. Online services are to be paid in full before the session starts.

Employee Assistance Program

Sessions are conducted on Employer's site unless otherwise arranged. Travelling km will be added to the bill at R3.50 per/km


The client agrees to to the fees in advance and will be responsible for payment of the service. The fact that the client belongs to a medical aid does not remove their ultimate responsibility to pay accounts from this practice.

Where additional administration is necessary the cost will be added and the client will be informed of this.

The social worker is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa (BHF p/n: 0785628) and recognized by most of the medical aids. It is requested that clients pay cash for the session and claim it back from their medical aids afterwards.


A confirmation email (if they have an email address) and/or a meeting request will be sent as proof of confirmation. Alternatively, via sms or WhatsApp. Should the client wish to cancel, it would need to happen at least 24 hours before the session. If not the client is liable for a cost of R300.00 cancellation fee. Medical aids will not pay this and missed appointments and it will therefore be the responsibility of the client to pay.

Any further queries, please contact us.